Sports injury

Osteopathy offers an excellent form of treatment for a variety of sports injuries, it concentrates on the manipulation of the skeletal muscles and provides deep tissue massage as well as soft tissue massage...

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Frozen shoulder

Suffering from a frozen shoulder can present many challenges not to mention the sheer pain and discomfort. The symptoms of a frozen shoulder can consist of limited movement in the shoulder when lifting the arm, pain or an aching feeling in the shoulder joint and often interrupted sleep because of the nagging pain...

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Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain is one of the most common complaints from people who visit an Osteopath. Pain experienced in the back or neck, can present itself for any number of reasons, it could be something simple related to a muscle spasm, bad posture or even sitting in a draft. The discomfort felt from this type...

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Specialising in fast recovery and return to work (and other activities) following injury.

Competent treatment of acute and chronic musculo-skeletal complaints including: Osteopathy can also treat a broad range of other complaints, including:


Bruce Miller BSc (ost)

A graduate of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), Bruce has been practicing osteopathy in Auckland since migrating to New Zealand in 1997 from the United Kingdom.

Once based in Orewa, Bruce still has a good following of patients from the Hibiscus Coast. However, since moving to the East Coast Bays of the North Shore in 2002, Bruce has built one of the longest established practices in the area.