Back and neck pain are amongst the most common complaints from people who visit an Osteopath and are also the leading cause of days off work in NZ. Pain experienced in the back or neck can present itself for any number of reasons, however it is often something simple relating to poor posture or strain from over work, leading to muscle spasm and dysfunction. The discomfort felt from this type of pain can have a huge impact on general day to day activities and if left untreated may result in recurrent or long term (chronic) pain.

Osteopathy offers individuals holistic diagnosis and treatment which assesses the whole body and aims to restore normal function, relieve the symptoms and return you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible whilst reducing the possibility of the pain recurring.

Using any number of techniques, such as joint articulation or mobilisation and soft tissue release techniques, function is restored to help reduce swelling, encourage optimal healing and therefore reduce pain.  Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment is intended to target not just the symptoms, but also to get to the root of the problem.